Lithuanian Garlic Bread Recipe

If you walk into any bar, restaurant or even supermarket in Lithuania you are sure to find a variation on this garlic bread recipe. 

Truly the snack of all snacks – it can be enjoyed on its own, with a glass of beer (only legally of course) or with a mixed cheese dip. The charm of this recipe is that it can be whipped up quickly with any leftover bread at home. Consequently, the makes can be any size you want them to be.  

It is incredibly simple and however limited your cooking ability is or how great your inclination to burn toast, you are sure to be able to make this recipe. 

Category: Appetizer, Snack 

Time: 20 minutes

Level: Easy 


  • Bread (scalded rye or wheat but most dark breads will suffice)
  • Garlic (amount will be dependant on personal preference and the amount of bread used)
  • Vegetable Oil (eg. rapeseed)
  • Salt for seasoning 


  1. Slice the bread into rectangular pieces roughly 2 cm in width.
  2. Fill a decently sized frying pan with oil and heat it on the stove. 
  3. Fry the bread on both sides until the texture turns crisp and brittle. 
  4. Remove the bread from heat and place onto a thin paper towel to drain out any excess oil.
  5. Using your hands, rub a clove of garlic onto each piece of bread making sure to cover both sides. 
  6. Add salt to taste.