About Us

Welcome to the Basilisk – the International School of Basel’s very first student-run online magazine.  Our dedicated team of Basiliskers bring you the latest in student news with our regularly posted articles from political opinion pieces to features on events happening here at school.  ‘What’s with the name and the logo?’ you ask? The Basilisk is a mythical half – chicken, half – dragon-like creature that features in the folklore of many different European cultures – it was most recently featured in Harry Potter.  Since the 1300s, The Basilisk has served as the unofficial mascot and protector of the city of Basel. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Take a walk around the town and you will be amazed at how many Basilisks you will find interwoven in the local architecture, from fountains to Churches.  But for now – please feel free to explore the site and enjoy the articles featured. We are always welcoming new additions to the team so if you are interested in contributing then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Introducing The Basiliskers!

Currently, the Basilikers are a small but dedicated team.  We consist of a number of artists, web designers and student journalists.  You can read our profiles below.


Student Coordinator / Journalist

Hi, I’m Leszek in Grade 12, and books, video games, and photography could be my middle names in any order. Stephen King and Oscar Wilde should have a swordfight, just saying. Anyways, I strive to create a community-wide platform; a sort of hub for our community, where we’d have everything in one spot, ready-to-access from anywhere 🙂


Web Designer

Hi, I’m Daniel,
I’m a 15 year old developer, computer science is my passion and I love being able to solve problems with programming. I also play tennis and the odd game of Tetris. You can contact me any time with questions related to the website at my email 🙂


MUN Coordinator

Hi, I’m Emilija and I’m currently in grade 12. I’m passionate about the power of words and I hope to use my position here at the Basilisk to give other students a platform to share their writing. I am also the Head of Press for Model United Nations. When not editing and writing, you can most likely find me in a music practice room on the verge of tears or playing fetch with my dog. 


Student Journalist

Hey, I’m Pedro. I’m in Grade 12, and most people consider me a great movie buff. Some might even call me the life and shouting voice of the Basilisk, and some poor souls go as far as to be friends with me. I hope to bring my experiences with student magazines to grow the Basilisk to a mainstream source for all ISB students.


Student Journalist

Hi, I’m Alia and I’m in Grade 12. I’ve always thought that it’s important to be educated on the world around us and I think a great way to do that is through journalism. I’m very excited to be an active member of the Basilisk. I love reading, music and hanging out with my friends! 

Basilisk Logo


Student Journalist

Hi, I’m Theo. I’m a grade 12 student, and I have a particular interest in politics and philosophy. I enjoy writing about various topics, though mostly opinion political pieces. You can always find me working, and if I’m not, you can find me pondering. As the wise Sun Tzu once said, “If you don’t write for The Basilisk, you’re missing out.”


Student Journalist

Hi, I’m Shami and I’m in grade 12. I deeply care about the mental wellbeing of the students here at ISB. As an avid contributor to the wellbeing section of the Basilisk, I will be promoting healthier mental and physical wellbeing habits within the school community.

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