About Us

Welcome to the Basilisk – the International School of Basel’s very first student-run online magazine.  Our dedicated team of Basiliskers bring you the latest in student news with our regularly posted articles from political opinion pieces to features on events happening here at school.  ‘What’s with the name and the logo?’ you ask? The Basilisk is a mythical half – chicken, half – dragon-like creature that features in the folklore of many different European cultures – it was most recently featured in Harry Potter.  Since the 1300s, The Basilisk has served as the unofficial mascot and protector of the city of Basel. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Take a walk around the town and you will be amazed at how many Basilisks you will find interwoven in the local architecture, from fountains to Churches.  But for now – please feel free to explore the site and enjoy the articles featured. We are always welcoming new additions to the team so if you are interested in contributing then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Introducing The Basiliskers!

Currently, the Basilikers are a small but dedicated team.  We consist of a number of artists, web designers and student journalists.  You can read our profiles below.


Student Coordinator / Journalist

Hi, I’m Elena and I’m in Grade 11.
I hope to create a platform where the voices in our community are able to tell their stories and share their unique perspectives because we can learn so much from each other. Ever the explorer, I enjoy discovering new worlds through travel, reading and music.


MUN Reporter

Hi, I’m Sian and I’m in Grade 10.
I love to read, write and explore whenever possible. You can also find me enjoying all aspects of the arts. As I’m always looking for new things to learn about, discovering new perspectives and authentic stories is something that really fascinates me and I hope to be able to give that same sense of discovery to the readers of the Basilisk through these articles.


Student Journalist

Hi, I’m Alaska and I’m in grade 9. I’m from Canada and I love to be active and play sports in my free time. I like to cook, play guitar and my mom is convinced that I like to hangout with her. I’m from a family of 5 and I have 2 brothers and a husky. On the Basilisk, I’m hoping to write intriguing articles for you to enjoy and learn.


Technical Manager

Hi, I’m Charles and I’m in Grade 11.
I enjoy reading and writing, particularly about history. I also spend a lot of time with tech mainly in videography. I manage the Basilisk website along with the rest of the ISBX sites.

Want to work with us? Have a look at the contact page.