6 Free German Language Learning Resources

Our school, situated in Basel near the German border, is part of the German-speaking region of Switzerland. German is the sole language in 17 of Switzerland’s 26 cantons. Switzerland also has different dialects of German that vary from canton to canton; forms of Swiss German (which can often feel like a whole other language). 

Learning German can be difficult, but here are some free resources you can use to spearhead your learning experience and become a more integrated member of the community during your stay in Basel. 

Deutsche Welle 

Deutsche Welle has tons of resources covering all aspects of German. It is wonderful for intermediate to advanced learners. For listening and reading, it comes with practice questions similar to your assessments as well as vocabulary sheets. You will also be exposed to the current events and cultures of German-speaking countries. 


There is a reason why your German teacher assigns grammar work and Schubert-Verlag has a huge catalogue of exercises which also corresponds to the expectations for the CEFR (Central European Framework of Reference) levels. 


Lingolia provides very helpful grammar explanations and practice questions for all aspects of grammar that will be covered in your German syllabus. They also provide a free pdf of exercises that accompany their book “Grammatik als Taschenbuch”. 


Schularena provides various levels of listening practice for not only German but Swiss German as well. So if you’re looking to get integrated into the local community, this could be useful for you. 

Geothe and Telc 

If you are preparing for a CEFR (Central European Framework of Reference) exam, the Geothe and Telc websites provide plenty of practice tests and resources for each of the six levels. 


Duolingo sometimes gets a bad reputation for unnatural sentences, however, it can be a powerful tool when used to its full capacity. Use the notes for grammar explanations and practice your skills until they turn gold. The new story feature also allows you to practice your comprehension.