Top 5 Reasons to Join MUN

  1. Practice Public Speaking 

If you are looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone, MUN is perfect for you. All levels are accepted and catered for. So whether you are a well seasoned public speaker or you struggle to raise your hand in class, there is something for you. 

2. Widen Horizons

You will be put into many different diplomacy situations where you will have to consider perspectives outside of your own, thereby gaining an international understanding of current events and real contemporary government issues that influence our daily lives.

3. Writing Skills

Although it seems like MUN is reserved exclusively for debating, writing makes up a large portion of your preparation for the conferences. From position papers and speeches to amendments and resolutions, you will learn different skills to refine your writing. As a simulation of the United Nations, you will need to demonstrate a depth and analysis to each piece of work evidenced with your own research. 

4. Hone Leadership Skills 

There are various leadership positions in all three available roles (delegates, press and admin). However, these positions are limited and highly coveted, making it more impressive if you are able to work your way up the ladder. 

MUN has anywhere from 100-200 people at a time. To be in charge of any group of them is a big responsibility. Although it shouldn’t be taken lighlty, it is an incredible experience if you want to improve your people skills and learn to manage a team.

5. A Valuable CAS or CV Experience

It is no secret that MUN develops skills and experiences that universities value in prospective students. You can use this opportunity to stand out from the countless other applicants by highlighting a respected extracurricular activity.