The World Talk Podcast: Politics Brought to You by Students

You may have heard of the World Talk Podcast around school, but if you haven’t, that’s okay. The World Talk is a entirely student run podcast where students have discussions and debate around certain political topics, mostly inside the United States. Each week yields two episodes: one where three students talk about a subject in detail, sometimes with heated debating or proposals, and another one where the same speakers go through a list of interesting topics in the world over the past week briefly and give their thoughts on them. It is an extremely interesting podcast to listen to, and even more amazing when you see the work going into each episode, with a dedicated speech writer, editor, cameraman and more. But truly the most interesting part of the podcast is to see how these students voice their opinions, and how the world of politics is now so big that there are students passionately debating these different world topics.

A link to the World Talk Podcast’s YouTube channel can be found here, so if you are ever in the need of some great political content, think no further than World Talk!