The new RUSH! for Måneskin

On Monday the 6th, Måneskin performed in Berlin, Germany. For many, the experience was memorable, and expressed their enthusiasm describing the concert as “absolutely thrilling”.

However, it is important to acknowledge that Måneskin does not only produce exhilarating and poetic music but also had a major impact on the music industry and culture.

Måneskin: The Origins

Måneskin is composed of four Italian members, that are representing the new generation of different roots: Damiano David (vocals), Victoria De Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar), and Ethan Torchio (drums). The group met in their teens in Rome, Italy. They became very popular in Italy after they came in they arrived third in the renowned X-Factor musical competition in 2017. After the achievement, they published their first album named Chosen, which showcases many debuts that marked the start of their career. In consecutive years, the band published other 3 albums: Il ballo della vita (2018), Teatro dell’Ira (2021), and the most recent one named RUSH! (2023). However, Måneskin reached its peak in global popularity when participated in Eurovision 2021 with the single named Zitti e buoni.

Måneskin’s Impact on Global Music Industry

If a couple of years ago you were to ask students around the world to give the name of one Italian song, rest assured, most of them would not have known one. That may be surprising for many Italian citizens, as Italy is known not only for delicious food but also for its ancient roots in artistic disciplines- music is one of them. However, if the same interview would be entertained today, many will answer with one of the musical groups- Måneskin- songs’.

The famous Italian band is discussed to be the next generation of rock music and revitalized the ideology of rock music after Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, etc… By contrast to the previous rock transgressive idols, Måneskin made very clear that their diversity comes to from their nature and music, and not from the ’70s borrowed religion of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”. This original nature is making them leaders of the new rock and roll front. 

Many critics started to label their music genre as “funk”, “pop”, and then “hard rock”, “glam rock”, “alternative rock”, and so on. However, the band’s main theme was always to express themselves along with their diversity, and they did not appreciate the boundaries society set upon them. This is why, in the song named KOOL KIDS, introduced in the new album RUSH!, they responded with, “We’re not punk, we’re not pop, we’re just music freaks” (Torchio).

Article by Alegra, Grade 9