The Never-Ending Book Club

For all my fellow bookworms in this school, this article is for you! 

In recent years, platforms such as Bookstagram and Booktok have started to become very popular in some people’s feeds. Currently the most popular bookstagram content creators and platforms are @james_trevino with around 300k followers, @elizabeth_sagan with roughly 200k followers, @booktokbookclub, and obviously, @goodreads (Cerézo, 2021). The benefits of these platforms have had a huge impact on the book industry, with sales increasing significantly over the last few years. The table below, represents the most media-worthy books and their corresponding sales (Talbot, 2023).

Book-related social media platforms are all associated with what is now known as “the Bookstagram Effect”. This effect is described by a journalist of the Chicago Tribune as “addicting, charming, informative and increasingly, a wellspring for the book industry”, significantly increasing the passion for reading in young people’s lives (Borelli, 2019). 

This platform is also famous for its originality. Obviously, it is intended for a very specific audience, and the books proposed are not for everyone, but “this is social media as it was intended,’” said Hailey Dezort, a Chicago bookstagrammer (Borelli, 2019). It allows people of different nations, different cultures and ages, to all come in one place, and share their passions and interests from classic literature, to modern novels in an enthusiastic and unitary way.

By Allegra, G9