The Dummy’s Guide to…….Surviving Grade 12

Grade 12 is the year that everyone talks about, the final push that holds some of the biggest milestones in our young lives. However daunting it may sound, it is also exciting, fun and realizable. Here are some reflections and tips I have after almost completing the year:

  • Regarding CAS: Try to do your reflections right after you complete an activity, they can be short and sweet as long as you address the learning outcomes. Also, voice record them! That was a life saver for me, I would rather chat about it than write it down.
  • Free periods: It is so tempting to do nothing, chat with friends, or maybe take a nap, but if you are productive in frees you have more time to relax at home after a long day. So I recommend finding a quiet place, listening to music and getting some work done.
  • Food: Paying attention in lessons and having energy for the IB is crucial! Eat breakfast in the morning to wake you up for first period, have a small snack in break and eat lunch! Food is fuel and it brings happiness.
  • PE and Wellbeing: They may seem extra on top of everything else, but enjoy them! These are 2 lessons where you have no assessments, no pressure and just a chance to talk or be active with peers. Let yourself forget about IAs and tests for a while 🙂
  • After school: Whether it’s music, sport, reading, video games, don’t abandon it in Grade 12! Yes you need to spend more time on schoolwork but that shouldn’t cut your hobbies out of your life. It is completely feasible to get good grades while maintaining your social life and extra curricular activities.
  • Breaks: Don’t spend every break and lunch studying, you need to give your brain a break and having a laugh with your friends will keep you relaxed and happy.

By Tamsin, Grade 12