The All New RTX 4090. A Pro or rather a con.

Image courtesy of Nvidia

The graphic card Manufacture Nvidia wants to make a new graphics card called the RTX 4090. The RTX 4090, will be so much faster than the already existing 3090 TI. The RTX 4090 will be able to put shaders into games that don’t even have shaders and games such as Minecraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty and more will be enhanced by the power of this graphics card. 

With all these Pros, there are cons. The RTX 4090 will come with a steep price of $1,500 US dollars. The RTX 4090 needs 600 W to start up the CPU and can pull up to the power of 1000 Watts while running games at a high performance. The RTX 4090 will have more Cuda cores, and it will have just a little bit more of whatever the RTX 3090 already has. 

When it comes to the size the RTX 4090 is massive, the card almost takes half of the size of an ATX case and weighs almost 2 kg therefore leaving the PC case to be an upward facing build rather than a tower build. But when it comes to the question of what graphics card you want for your next PC or your current PC, if you would like to upgrade it, I think the safest option is the RTX 3060 with 12 GB of VRAM. Honestly, I don’t see why you should get the new one when you can get the safest and the cheapest option.

Article written by Hrishekesh, Grade 10