Take a Breath

Take a breath

Being a high schooler isn’t the easiest job in the world. And when having all of the expectations and responsibilities of school be thrown at us, it is important you remember to sit down and take some time for yourself in a way that is relieving and most beneficial to you. 

The following is a couple of techniques that can help you take that much-needed breath:

  1. Meditation and breathing techniques:

Far too many people will not try this because of the stigma around this hippie behavior. However, studies have shown that meditation can decrease stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, lengthen attention span, and so much more. A few platforms that can be used to guide you through breathing exercises, meditations, and sleeping such as headspace, or calm can be found on the school’s wellbeing website. 

  1. Catch some zzz’s:

I am fully aware that sleeping won’t make your problems go away – I learned that one the hard way. But it will definitely give you the energy to work on those problems. The recommended amount of nap time is 10 – 20 mins, as too much after that could make you feel drowsy and more tired than when you started. Click here to learn more about taking the perfect nap. 

  1. Exercise

Although the idea of exercise reducing stress rather than inducing it sounds backward, I promise you it worlds. Exercise releases those feel-good hormones such as endorphins.  It also reduces the effects of stress by imitating the effects of stress. This allows your body to practice working with the fight or flight systems through stress-inducing situations. Focusing on exercising also allows you to rid your mind of your other responsibilities, just for a moment – which tends to help many cope. If you plan on using this as a relief method, please take it slow, walk before you run. 

  1. Do what you enjoy

This one is a bit dangerous because if it is not controlled, you could easily start using this as a procrastination method. However, if you do have that gift of self-control, Take a moment out of your day to do what you enjoy, before life becomes bland and boring. This could be anything from playing a musical instrument to watching an episode of Grey’s anatomy. 

These are only a few of the many things that you can do to relieve stress, enjoy life as a teenager a little more, and make school a little easier to take on. It is really easy to neglect yourself, but remember you are still a child that needs to live life, so try to make an effort to add this time into your calendar. It’s important!