SYNT- Science Competition


This weekend, some ISB students participated in the SYNT competition- Swiss Young Naturalist Tournament. This tournament is open for registration around every year in the month of December for middle and senior high school students, but what is it? 

What is it?

Well, SYNT is a science competition held by the MNG Rämibühl, where students across Switzerland age 12-16, compete by winning said Science Fights. The Science Fights are structured in this way:

  1. The first partner presents.
  2. A member from another team opposes the presentation.
  3. The third team observes the fight.
  4. Judges ask questions to presenters and opponents.

And so on. This might seem simple, but the problems proposed are quite the contrary. Here are some examples of problems chosen this year:

Flowers and ammonia

If exposed to ammonia, viola flowers wilt and discolor. How does ammonia affect colored flowers of other plant species? Investigate the chemical and biological processes occurring in this experiment.

Dark side of the Moon

Determine experimentally and theoretically how dark is the side of the Moon facing away from the Sun. Does the illumination of this side depend on the lunar phase?” (“SYNT”)


After participating in the SYNT, if you arrived in the top 3, you will be selected in the International Young Naturalist Tournament- IYNT. IYNT, like SYNT, focuses on “natural sciences and attracts the students to interdisciplinary, independent research from across the sciences without prioritizing any narrow area” (“IYNT”). However, it can be considered as a step up.


SYNT and IYNT alike are really formative experiences, and can be interesting to sign up, not only for the obvious college CV addition, but also for emerging future scientists, and people who are determined to do well in the field. If you want to sign up for SYNT, click the link below in the references section!

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By Allegra G9