Roles in MUN


As a press member, you can take on one of two roles. First, you can write interesting articles about the heated debates going on in different councils as well as interview delegates and chairs. Photography is another vital aspect of the press team. Photographers capture all the precious moments of MUN in action! Creating and maintaining the official MUN website and social media is also a big part of the press team’s role.


Being an admin means being responsible for setting up all the council rooms before and during the event as well as being there during the conference to help make the procedure run smoothly. Admin is also responsible for the passing of notes between delegates and writing up of clauses and resolutions. 


Delegates are at the forefront of the debate. Each delegate represents a country or delegation. In the conferences, you will debate clauses with the help of your position paper and prior research. Your debating skills, and listening skills will for sure come into practice! This is a great experience and can push you out of your comfort zone. 


These are the people who “run” the debate session. These are very important positions, meaning not everyone can become one. If you are one though, you have to show good leadership and contribution skills. 

Executive Council

The executive council is made up of members from each of the teams listed above. They plan the conferences and make the executive decisions about the topics, committees and administrative details that allow us to have MUNTAG and BAMUN.

Annina and Jade