Endangered Animals and Shelter

It has come to many people’s eyes, that due to the ever-increasing global warming levels, not only humans are suffering, but entire ecosystems are deteriorating. However, animal cruelty reports also clarify that between scientific experimentations, general cruelty and un-recorded abuse, more than 100 million animals are currently suffering every year.

Only in the United States, data from 2021 shows that 6.5 million animals were in need of shelter, and at the end of the year, only less than half of these poor animals were given a comfortable home including 28% of dogs and 31% of cats. 

This is why-in the new generation composed of many young people advocating for animal rights,- many more animal shelters have been operated, and some new strategies have been installed so that animal abandonment is decreased, or at least, prevented. For example, much more documentation is needed nowadays, and in some animal shelters placed in some countries such as Switzerland, the potential owners of the animals are assessed beforehand to make sure that no harm can be brought to the pets in any physical or mental way. 

In Basel, the animal shelter TBB- also known as a natural reservoir for rescue animals,- have initiated regional and national goals regarding the matter, where young people get to volunteer so that the new generation can be informed on the issue, and some other projects including a vaccine campaign for animals that live in poor conditions- having a higher chance of being infected,- and other prevention techniques.

Knowing this, try to be an active member in our community, and help these animals!

Article by Alegra, Grade 9