Chairing at MUN: Chaotic, Successful, or Both?

MUN presents a diverse range of opportunities for students; being a delegate, writing articles as a press member, running the conference as an admin or, overseeing debate as a chair. Most of these positions are available to all, however, to be a chair one must be experienced and familiar with MUN terminology and parliamentary procedure. Chairs oversee debate, advise delegates, decide on topics for discussion, write committee papers and etc. 

During MUNTag 2020, I was a chair for the first time in the Human Rights Council. I chaired alongside three other students and it was a challenging but exciting experience. In the last week or two before MUNTag, we worked together to come up with our topic and write our committee paper for the delegates. Every aspect of the chairing experience was new for me and it was honestly quite enjoyable. I liked having the freedom to choose and discuss topics with my co-chairs, and the ability to create an environment in the council where every delegate felt comfortable. 

Due to the pandemic disrupting our lives and redirecting the education system online, MUN wasn’t able to run until this school year started. Usually most chair preparation happens in the previous academic year because then it’s easier to organise all the short-term preparation when we come back to school, however nothing was prepared last year and that made it seem very rushed. Despite the stress of having to do all the prep within a couple of weeks, I think it was definitely worth the experience. 

The leadership team was really helpful and made sure that we weren’t too lost in the countdown to MUNTag, and on the day itself they also checked in to help us navigate the responsibilities of a chair. Overall, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to chair at MUNTag, and I can’t wait to chair at BaMUN 2020.

By Alia