BAMUN is Back!

The 19th Annual Basel Model United Nations Conference, BaMUN for short, is taking place on the 20-21 November and we as the International School Basel are delighted to be hosting. We are also excited to invite student delegates from other schools in both Switzerland and Germany. This event will involve a number of quality debates regarding a wide spectrum of global topics ranging from Afghanistan to Covid Vaccinations. The specific topics and committee papers can be found on the “BAMUN 2021” section of our website ( Various perspectives and delegations will be represented to allow students to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills. 

With the motto Building Resilience Through Hope, this year’s conference will focus on the importance of hope and the creation of stronger communities through the lens of the many ongoing crises seen in today’s political landscape. Through the variety of councils offered, delegates will be given the opportunity throughout the weekend to debate timely topics in regards to this concept.

While the general debates are a quintessential aspect of this BaMUN conference, there is even more to be offered throughout the weekend. Each council will also be accompanied by chairs as well as respective administration and press teams, who will be collaborating to create a number of articles reflecting on the topics debated and the general fun aspects of the event. Furthermore, delegates will be given the chance to listen and speak to an excellent guest speaker, who will be present during the opening ceremony. 

Overall, BAMUN 2021 will be an incredibly exciting and enriching experience that our students are sure to remember.