“2030 Vision”- Mr. Roberts’ perspective

The ISB team recently announced the project “2030 Vision”. In order for the students to have a broader understanding, Mr. Bradley Roberts, Director of ISB, has been interviewed.

What is the 2030 Vision, and what are its main ideas?

The 2030 Vision is “a very important document as it signals to all members of the ISB Community what the school’s main goals are for the next 3 to 8 years”. The main ideas are to strengthen student well-being, have a developed learning environment, ensure a holistic education, and focus on institutional sustainability. The ISB team is currently invested in educating students using a challenging and up-to-date academic program and installing more opportunities. Additionally, the school is working towards building an environmental-friendly, social, and ethical environment.

What are the goals that will be accomplished?

“ISB’s Vision 2030 should be seen as a journey, rather than a set of goals to be achieved”, says Mr. Roberts. The journey is further described as an exciting challenge for the ISB team, and its main goal, as always, is to better the school experience for students and faculty, in order to make our journeys fulfilling, and meaningful, and to prepare students for the “ever-changing futures they will encounter.” 

What does the 2030 Vision mean for students?

The 2030 Vision is a means to introduce ISB students to the “world of tomorrow” by providing educational experiences, that will be very different from what our families have experienced in the previous and current years, needing students to be adaptable to change and succeed in the futuristic environment.

How can students help?

Following the main ideas of the project, students are welcome to participate in giving ideas to the team, in order to take the initiative in their studies and encourage being active members of the community by inspiring peers and valuing their learning experiences.

What was the idea inspired by?

The idea was inspired by the general development of international schools around the world, and in order for students to meet the criteria successfully. However, “instead of being inspired by one central idea, Vision 2030 is built on the large body of important work done across the globe. It is impacted by the experiences that our very diverse and experienced team of educators bring to the ISB table”. This does not mean that ISB is trying to be like other schools, but rather to be distinguished amongst these and evolve around a major concept and face challenges with original and innovative solutions. 

By Allegra G10